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The Whittemore Group, Inc. builds brand identity and consumer awareness by developing and implementing marketing, advertising and promotional programs.

We work for our clients to seek the best possible media and sponsorship opportunities to not just reach their targeted consumer but engage them. This extends to the retailer as well as the consumer.

Whether it is a new product launch or a product seeking a higher consumer awareness level and new market penetration (i.e. increased sales!) we guide you through cost analysis, unit pricing and retail sales incentive programs and help you develop sales programs on a regional and national basis.

We create and market broadcast sponsorships. These sponsorships extend beyond traditional media buys. We combine the creative elements of a media package, or an event sponsorship to engage the consumer and increase the visual, cultural and emotional relationship with your brand.

About Jim Whittemore

Jim has been creating and developing sales and marketing programs and sponsorships for the sports industry – primarily golf related products, for over 20 years. He develops marketing and advertising programs for companies seeking to increase brand identity and consumer awareness. He combines the creative elements of a media/sponsorship/advertising package with the marketing goals of an advertiser.


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